4. Parental Guidance


“On a planet in a small galaxy in an undistinguished corner of the universe, a lone man stood on an otherwise deserted, white-sanded beach. Something glistening at the water’s edge caught his eye; it was a bottle. He walked over and picked it up as it bobbled in the shallow waves. He studied the bottle for a moment, and then undid the screw top. Inside was a single piece of paper. The man pulled the paper from the bottle, and uncurled it. To his surprise, it had a message on it, written in his own language, “We’re running out of time? It’s urgent. Help us find Time.” The man blinked heavily, as tears began running down his face. “

In this the fourth book in the Universe Wide Web series, Jack encounters a new and deadly threat – the dark web. Three of his colleagues disappear in their attempts to infiltrate the dark web. Jack must find them.

He must venture onto the dark web, where he encounters many dangers from sites providing all those things made illegal on the uni-web proper –  street fighting to the death, online weapons sites, religious cults, alluring party rooms, and the online slave and meat auction sites. He also has a number of close encounters with old foes and new.

En route, he witnesses the most amazing tide in the universe, visits the home of a woolly mammoth tribe and gets attacked by Russian aircraft.

He also starts to wonder who is on his side now – who can he trust? And who is this Crackpot that wants to befriend him? And what part does the Earth play in all this?

As the plot starts to unfold, the realisation dawns on Jack that he only has hours to save the uni-web and to save mankind.