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“In a solar system that wouldn’t be seen on Earth for several million years, on a planet ravaged by pollution, a war raged—a deadly battle for survival on a dying planet.

The leader of one of the warring factions addressed his military and security advisers. “So, we’re agreed, then. Our best chance to get a decisive advantage over this rebellious enemy lies in getting one simple thing, and to get that, we need the one person in the universe that controls it. So, whatever it takes, get him here —get Jack Smart alive.”

In this, the third of the series, Jack is now using the uni-web more and more, and has now got a lot of online friends. He meets a new friend, a girl, who he becomes particularly fond of. She asks him to come and meet her at her home, and to meet her family. Jack is initially reluctant.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, a huge ecological disaster is threatening the Earth’s oceans. Jack decides to invite the help of the Universe Wide Web, and ask if anyone can stop the oil. He has a great response, and soon a team of aliens arrive to help. Pleased though he is with this, Jack is worried about his uniweb secret getting out.

He also has local problems to sort out at school. His school friend Nick has a run in with a couple of unpleasant local thugs and he wants Jack to help him. Jack decides to get some of his uni-web friends to come to his assistance.

Back on-line, Jack finally agrees to go and visit his new girlfriend’s home. He travels to her planet, only to find it is a planet torn by war and pollution. And her family aren’t quite as welcoming as Jack had hoped. And is she really only interested in him as a person?

As the plot unfolds Jack finds himself suffering identity theft, and having to going in search of friends of his who have been kidnapped from the web. This involves being captured by a group of giant spiders, chased across a war zone, leading a squadron of space craft on a mission to save his friends, and ultimately having to try and prevent the uni-web from falling into the hands of an evil tyrant. And not only does he do this, but he also helps the Earth to avoid a catastrophe, all while still managing to get to school on time.