Welcome to The Universe Wide Web.

The four books of the Universe Wide Web series, Getting Started, Uploading, Profile Settings and Parental Guidance are now available on Amazon kindle.

I came up with the idea of The Universe Wide Web (or uni-web for short) whilst idly playing with Google Maps. There I was, taking a virtual wander along Broadway in New York, when the idea hit me. It wasn’t a huge leap of imagination to think…what if there was an internet for the whole universe, and it let you not just see faraway places at the click of a button, but to travel there, instantaneously – an intergalactic internet.

So where is the Universe Wide Web? Well, like the internet, it’s sort of everywhere, and who knows where. The internet is in the cloud isn’t it – sort of? The Universe Wide Web, on the other hand, is in the aether; out there somewhere.

Once you’ve made the intergalactic step of logging on to the Universe Wide Web, who can you expect to meet out there? There’d be aliens, of course. But are aliens, intelligent aliens, really going to be that much different to us?

My guess is going on the Universe Wide Web would be much like going on to the internet here; you’d just meet ordinary, everyday creatures – except, as we know, nobody is ordinary close up. Beware!

So I hope you enjoy the Universe Wide Web…just one click and you can be anywhere in the universe.

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